Integrative Astrology

Finding Our Way Home Through the Archetypes of the Zodiac

This study considers Astrology one of innumerable pathways to integrating and healing the parts of ourselves that feel separate and alone in our existence.  The immersive and holistic approach is designed to allow the archetypes of the natural zodiac to speak to us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually and help integrate the unconscious dynamics and wounds that are driving our emotions and behavior on a daily basis inhibiting our ability to flow with life. 

It is fully immersed in the experience of presencing and grounding our awareness in the body.  This is where our psyche and natural healing functions can use a visceral experience of the twelve archetypes and their ancient, collective wisdom as a wonderful tool to evoke and help reorganize frozen information within us that is ready to become conscious, healed, integrated, and mature.

There’s a space that we call home in our awareness where we can witness our own movie and not feel trapped inside the movie. This is not a dissociated space.  It’s actually the opposite. It’s an awareness of your own awareness, and it allows for a greater opportunity to experience existence in a higher definition, to be more here, more aware of subtle information, and more alive. It’s from this awareness that the astrological archetypes can become an organizing principle that assists us in making sense of and finding meaning in our past traumas, relationships, and events of our lives.



About Integrative Astrology

This approach is more than an intellectual study.  It brings the foundational archetypes of human development alive within the nervous system, sensory awareness, and physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  It is designed to touch places of discomfort, uneasiness, as well as their polarities of belonging, gratitude, and pleasure. In fact, it is the recognition of polarities in our lives that help us to begin to embrace existence holistically, verses only in the midst of positive emotions. This is when we become more settled, secure, and at home in our beingness instead of feeling whipped about according to our emotional state and fears.  

What Does it mean to be here fully?

To be here fully means to willingly bring our essence and awareness out of the mental realm and into our physical and emotional body.  By doing this, we fully embrace life as well as, open channels in our nervous system so that more light and awareness can come in.

How can astrology help me do this?

The archetypes of astrology simply represent all of the major parts of human development as well as our universal laws. By going deep to the core of the archetype’s meaning and then feeling how that resonates in our body, we are able to use our senses to become aware of patterns, programs, and woundings that we might not recognize otherwise. With this awareness we are then able to process the information and integrate it into our system.  In this way, we are no longer fragmented, but whole.

Here’s an example:

The archetype of Aries has a deep core conceptual representation of the birth of movement, an impulse.  In this study, we will look at how Aries and movement looks on a fundamental level in all aspects of our lives.  How do we move?  Are we impulsive or leary?  Do we rush in without a thought or do we wait for others to go first.  How do I feel in my body when I think about exploring something new?  This inquiry may seem very basic in the beginning, but when we look deeper and deeper, we find a treasure chest that reveals the answers to so many of our questions. The study takes us through each archetype slowly and at great depths so that we develop the tools of inquiry  and embodiment that will serve us beyond this practice. There are activities, meditations, and contemplative practices in each section, as well as an in-depth discussion about the archetypes.

Curriculum & Classes

Session 1 Available March 2021!

The entire curriculum is offered in 12 week sessions.  The first session focuses on immersive awareness of the archetypes on a personal level.  The second session explores the archetypes in relation with each other.  The third session dives into the archetypes and our ancestral heritage.  The fourth session focuses on the archetypes and our relation to the collective.  Throughout the each session we will refer to our birth chart for insight and recognition of themes and patterns in our life.

Session 2

How We Relate

The archetypes in relation with each other

  • The archetypes in relation to one another
  • Systems and Feedback loops
  • Recognition of archetypal patterns in our relationships and in our birth chart
  • Phasal aspects and relationships

Session 4

Inclusion of the Whole

The archetypes in relation with myself and the collective whole 

  • In-depth archetypal awareness:  Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual/Transcendent
  • Spiritual – working with subtle perception, mindfulness, immersion into silence
  • Collective trauma and my ability to respond

Session 1

Deep Immersion

The archetypes within

  • 3-Sync:  Presencing Your Physical, Emotional, and Mental Bodies
  • Energetic Processing of physical, emotional, and cognitive material that arises
  • Feeling into the archetypes in your natal chart
  • Unlocking archetypal and developmental processes and patterns
  • Reorganization of unconscious dynamics that emerge, transform, heal, and mature

Session 3

Ancestral Dynamics

What were we born into?

  • Recognition of generational patterns, trauma, and polarizations in the natal chart
  • Recognition of collective unconscious and conscious conditioning
  • Experiential awareness of polarization, inclusion, transcendence, detachment, and individuation
  • Nonlinguistic referential organization of the archetypes
  • Saying “yes” to the “no” of interacting with uncomfortable sensations in integration work

Pricing &  Registration

This study is full of deep immersive practices that will change your life if you’re ready.  You’ll have ample opportunity for support from me through monthly live Q&A sessions, daily Facebook group support, and discounted private sessions. I hope to meet you on this beautiful journey into yourself!


1. Initial Individual Astrology Session

During this initial hour and a half to two hour long session we will discuss any questions you have, how these relate to the soul's evolutionary patterns in your chart, the growth trajectories for this life based on the lunar nodes, and your essential needs and how these affect your relationships.  You will receive a packet with your natal chart, a list of key points, and a recording of our session. All sessions have a coaching component to them in which we work together to recognize challenges you may be having and strategies to help you begin processing the information that becomes available for you.  All appointments are available via online, phone, or in person  session. Fee - $90 or customized payment option

2. Initial Conscious Healing for Parents Session

This introductory session will be 1 - 1 and 1/2 hours about you helping me to see and feel where on our journey to begin.  We'll discuss your dynamics with your child and the dynamics of the family system.  Then we'll begin learning to presence and feel  the body.  We'll also learn the basic components of  Transparent Communication and ways you can begin to practice.  You will receive a recording of our session. All appoints are available via online, phone, or in person  session. Initial sessions are for parents only.  Recurrent sessions may include the parent and child if desired.  If you'd like to incorporate the Integrative Astrology, we will begin that with the second session.  Or if you want only the astrology reading for you and your child, see the description for Individual Astrology Session above.   Fee - $90 or customized payment option

3. Recurrent Sessions/Transparent Communication Coaching

During  hour long follow up sessions we will  continue the work from previous sessions or address anything new that may be coming up for you.   

Transparent Communication coaching is available for individuals with a prerequisite of either taking The Art of Transparent Communication Course by Thomas Hubl or being an active member of a Transparent Communication practice group. Fee - $70 or customized payment option


*I am a consultant and coach, not a licensed therapist.  I encourage therapy and healing practices for everyone engaged in inner work. My services are a supportive tool not a substitute for therapy.  If you suffer from severe mental illness, or I feel you would benefit from more than a coach, I may refer you to licensed practioner. As a client, you are responsible for your choices at the time of booking and appointment. 

*I am a certified Thomas Hubl Transparent Communication Practice Group Leader and a student of Thomas.  I am not employed by or a part of the Thomas Hubl Team, The Academy of Inner Science, or The Pocket Project.

*I do not practice predictive astrology for ethical reasons in dealing with children.  We will work with current transits and progressions. 

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