Integrative Astrology

Sensory Integration and Decoding the Archetypes of the Zodiac

What’s offered here is an integrative approach to astrology in which we take the basic components of the natural zodiac archetypes called “keywords” and find out how they live in our physical body, emotional body, and mental body.  The archetypes, which are twelve representatives of the developmental processes we experience in our life on earth, are each made up of many concepts.  Each concept is made up of Keywords, such as “exploration, needs, belonging, self-expression, self-analysis, relation, and much more”.

We use the placements in your natal chart to point to an archetype.  Then we use somatic word charts to choose a keyword from that archetype and we explore together the sensations, emotions, and mental activity that arises as we feel into the word.  

This process opens up the layers of information that live in our conscious and unconscious past, present, and emerging edge of creative experience. This sensory integration process helps us include parts of ourselves that have been frozen or fragmented.

This work takes courage and helps to build resilience by looking at what’s really here in each moment, even though it’s often not comfortable to look.  We simply and profoundly look together, and safely use a bottom up approach to explore and feel with compassion what’s living in us and driving our behavior, thoughts, and relationships. 

We use movement, group work, and individual work with a practitioner to both expand our awareness and embody more and more of our existence.

Watch the video below to get a taste of what’s being offered.



About Integrative Astrology

What Does it mean to be here fully?

To be here fully means to willingly bring our essence and awareness out of the mental realm and into our physical and emotional body.  By doing this, we fully embrace life, as well as, open channels in our nervous system safely so that more light and awareness can come in.

Here is an example of a somatic word chart that we use to see what’s here now in our body, emotions, and mind.




Integrative Astrology Sessions

This is an hour long session in which we use the natal chart as a guide to choosing points of inquiry. Together we practice sensing and synchronizing  the archetypes and discover how they live in our body, emotions, and mental awareness via somatic word charts.  All appointments are available online via zoom session. Fee - $90 or customized payment option

Transparent Communication Coaching

Transparent Communication coaching is available for individuals with a prerequisite of either taking The Art of Transparent Communication Course by Thomas Hubl or being an active member of a Transparent Communication practice group. Fee - $90 or customized payment option


*I am a consultant and coach, not a licensed therapist.  I encourage therapy and healing practices for everyone engaged in inner work. My services are a supportive tool not a substitute for therapy.  If you suffer from severe mental illness, or I feel you would benefit from more than a coach, I may refer you to licensed practioner. As a client, you are responsible for your choices at the time of booking and appointment. 

*I am a certified Thomas Hubl Transparent Communication Practice Group Leader and a student of Thomas.  I am not employed by or a part of the Thomas Hubl Team, The Academy of Inner Science, or The Pocket Project.

*I do not practice predictive astrology.  Sometimes we will work with current transits and progressions as a recognition practice for finding out what's here now. 

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