Adriane Wilson

Adriane Wilson

Conscious Healing for Parents Coach and Integrative Astrologer


I am a mother, wife, teacher, business owner, conscious parent coach, group leader, astrologer, and supporter for parents of children with autism and teenagers.  I have two biological sons, a step-son, and step-daughter.  My youngest son is in high school now, loves working on his youtube channel, and is on the autism spectrum, “high functioning”, though he would call that a subjective label, which he hates! My oldest son is a fine combination of brilliance, strength, and compassion and in college following his dream of becoming a pilot.  My step-daughter is an amazing photographer and authentically beautiful person who gives her love to and works in the Veterinary field. And our youngest loves playing football in high school and designing cool model cars.  We live in Louisiana, USA where we find joy in cultural things like spicy crawfish with our family, gumbo (my husband makes it year round), hot lazy summers, and Mardi Gras parades!


I am a Certified Parent Consultant and Coach, Transparent Communication Practice Group Leader, and Astrologer.  I’ve studied Counseling for Astrologers, Transformational Astrology, and mentored with Mark Jones.    I follow and use the work of Liz Greene, psychological astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, Byron Katie, School for The Work, and Thomas Hubl, A.H. Almaas, Peter Levine, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Stephen Porges, Carl Jung, Dan Siegel, and great spiritual masters and texts such as the Tao Te Ching, the Bible, The Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, and more.  The culmination of  the years of studying these great teachers has lead  me to a creative development of an embodied approach to awakening through the use of self-inquiry and the archetypes of the natural zodiac, called Integrative Astrology. 


I was a teacher for seven years before I had my boys and then was a stay home mom that didn’t follow the rule book when it came to parenting.  I always knew that I had to meet each of them where they were, not where I thought they should be.  I’m sure that was at least partly due to my own childhood trauma.  But also, part of that was not an option when dealing with a person with sensory, communication, and social challenges. Worrying about fitting in with the societal model was futile.  I sometimes feel like I should have a doctorate in the deconditioning process!


I’ve listed a bunch of labels above describing myself and my family, but the truth is, I know my deeper true nature, as well as their’s, and it is not any of those concepts. I am extremely fortunate, yes fortunate, to say that I became so miserable trying to live up to those labels that I almost lost everything.  Now I see that that was the way of It.  I’m talking about the natural unfolding process of awakening to my true nature.


The way of It for me was becoming so riddled with anxiety, depression, self-medicating with alcohol, shame, and guilt that I literally had to stop in my tracks and commit myself to the bathtub and hours of meditation daily.  This was no luxury soak.  It was a survival mechanism, and the only place I could be alone for an extended period of time.  I stopped everything that I was “supposed” to do except feed and care for my children and family’s essential needs.  It’s been a long process of allowing my past and my emotions to surface and process through.  Within a few months though I noticed the craving for alcohol dissipated.  Within a year, I no longer needed the anxiety and depression medications.  And slowly but surely the deconditioning happened and I found layers of baggage melting away leaving more and more freedom and peace. This is the way of It for me.  Now I live from a place of allowance and continual meeting and processing of illusory thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.  And most importantly, I live from a place of being more here, more alive, more engaged, and more accepting of what is.


I’ve seen the positive effects of conscious living  in all aspects of my life but especially in my relationship with my children.  I’ve integrated lots of younger parts of myself and faced some heavy emotional baggage.  Now I understand that those really hard things that I pushed away were actually extremely valuable parts of myself.  So now I include them gladly.  Not that there is no pain or frustration.  There is, but it is natural, I have the capacity to be with it, and it always leads to new and better ways of seeing and being.


–  With Love, Adriane