Assuming absolutely no authority over the workings of Krishnamurti or the study of astrology, I was involved in a conversation with a very accomplished astrologer who is also wise to the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti.  He said that the renowned teacher would likely have not dabbled in the subject at all.  I agreed with him.  Krishnamurti was not about adopting any ideals, philosophies, beliefs, or any thought process that would add more structure and limitation to our already overloaded minds. Still, I found the wheels turning wondering, what is the purest use of the highly developed paradigm of astrology that connects us to a broader sense of ourselves and the universe? So I found Krishnamurti’s voice in my awareness and began to explore.  Here’s what arose based on this student’s understanding of his teachings and correlating them with the perception of astrology:


  1. If you adhere to astrology as you would a religion or give it any sense of authority over your life, then it only perpetuates and exacerbates thought, which causes suffering.
  2. If you use it as entertainment, then it’s a distraction or an escape from reality.
  3. If you form beliefs about it and identify yourself with it, such as, “I am a Virgo or I am…any of it”, then it becomes a prison, pure limitation.
  4. If you form judgements about another or yourself based on the beliefs which are limitations, then you are creating an image about them or yourself that is not true.  It is not true because you can only experience the true nature of someone when you are fully in the present, with no thought and no belief and an open mind and heart.
  5. Let’s say your sun sign is Leo.  Every person who forms beliefs about the Leo archetype and calls it “learning astrology”  has done so through their own filters and past experience in combination with some key concepts categorized under the name Leo. Therefore, every person sees “Leo” with a different flavor of belief or knowledge.  So if I tell one hundred people that I’m a Leo, then there will be 100 different versions of that concept projected on to me and believing I am that.
  6. If you tell someone they are what you believe them to be based on a bunch of interpreted symbols and they believe you, then they are now identified and conditioned by your past and your conditioning.
  7. The idea of predicting the future with an astrological chart is much like predicting the weather.  One can use knowledge, patterns, and rhythmic movements factoring all kinds of information and have a kind of estimate declaring what will likely happen in the future, which is completely imagined and based on the past.  Sure, something may happen in much the way they declared, but the question is why are they imagining a future in the first place?  And is there actually a benefit in this sort of activity?  The answer is that one who is imagining a future is doing so to obtain a sense of security.  And yet, it is in the very search beyond what is, beyond the present moment, that we experience the suffering we are trying to escape.
  8. Most people are caught in this suffering because they live in an imaginary world of time, past and future. On the other hand, if one looks at the symbols on the paper or computer with a question mark asking themselves, “are these symbols opening up, for my understanding, a stream of intelligence that takes me deeper into my awareness of what is really here right now?” We all carry the past that has not been resolved in the present, and it drives our behavior until we somehow see it for what it is.  “Do these symbols become a language and a doorway that helps me begin to look more deeply inward than outward to understand this reality and my past?”
  9. When one looks at astrology as a part of reality here and now, to be understood as relevant to what’s going on inside one’s own mind, emotions, and behavior, then it’s appropriate to use memory triggered by the archetypal concepts of astrology in the present moment to see the past for what it truly is and then it’s resolved. If seeing a certain configuration in a chart helps to unlock a depth of understanding or shines light on conditioning or unconscious patterns, then it’s of value, but only if this understanding frees us from our own identifications and beliefs and helps us to let it go completely.
  10. So if we are to talk about a form of useful astrology, we must use it to recognize patterns or beliefs that cause suffering and give it total attention! Not thought, attention.  If one, in the process of looking at the symbols on a chart, can let the brain allow the information in such a way that it triggers a physical, emotional, and mental response, and then we tune into those responses with our whole being, without resistance, then an understanding can happen.  But the key is not to get caught in the mental explanation of thought, but maintain complete attention on these sensations that arise with total curiosity and awareness. Then a tremendous energy and a healthy unfolding of inner awareness and intelligence  can occur. 
  11. Also, if we turn the concepts that form the archetypes of astrology into deep questions that cut through to the core of the fundamental order of life and listen with our whole being, then we can begin to recognize reality and illusion. In this we remove the authority of thought and idea that can cause real trouble.
  12. It is in the very nature of a fragmented existence that we suffer. The separation of a so-called “me” is merely thought creating a thinker. If we observe a natal chart from the moment we are born relating the entire movement of the universe or the whole to the idea of a separate part, me, we must understand that thought itself is attempting to validate its own creation of a separate self. Therefore, thought is always looking for this validation in the chart and the archetypes. All of this looking is a mental reflection of the past.  For example, an astrologer tells me I am a Taurus Rising.  If I am to find meaning in this statement I must look to the past to find correlations in memory of experience with the parameters of this archetype. I look to previous actions, emotions, beliefs, talents, life events, and so forth. Unless we can use this past to dissolve our untrue beliefs, we are simply building a larger, more complex self-image that must constantly be maintained, proven, justified, validated, and so on. 
  13. Instead of a birth chart representing a correlation with only a particular human body on earth, consider that a birth chart represents the movement of the whole of existence from a focused perspective within that whole. It might be like experiencing water from the perspective of an H2O molecule within the ocean. This chart does not apply to a separate human being.  There is no such thing.  It must apply to a perspective of the whole of life, synchronous movement, an entanglement of energy that to untangle would be to alter and therefore make unreal or incohesive. If we tried to watch a movie like the Titanic with only the view from the eyes of the ship’s captain with no awareness of the other characters, the other parts of the ship, the ocean, his psychological state, his emotions, events that lead up to that moment, etc., the movie would make little sense.  And we certainly wouldn’t understand the whole of what really was happening,
  14. To look at an astrological chart with a holistic perspective can help us with beginning to see things as they are. For example, astrology has a useful demonstration of polarization. We learn to see that we are not just one point, sign, or planet on a chart. Yes, I am viewing life from planet earth and witnessing Mercury. But isn’t there also a view of earth from the Mercurian perspective? And aren’t there billions of vantage points in between? Nothing is just “this” or “that”. Life is a spectrum, a continuum of possibility. And we can classify, label, name, categorize, and so on, but these, though useful on some levels, are limiting our experience. 
  15. Another useful observation from a holistic view is how one placement or symbol cannot be used as any sort of definitive aspect of a personality or the person.  Each symbol is related in countless ways to the other symbols. And then of course the perspective grows when we compare more than one person’s chart, and we remove the barriers of time, and we add transiting aspects, and on and on.
  16. Nevertheless, if a person is looking into astrology to find out about their experience in life, that very act of starting to pay attention to what is happening is a movement toward breaking the chains of conditioning, authority, suffering, and limitation. It’s a window. But they won’t find complete freedom in the symbols of astrology.  They must let go and become the book of life with no separation. We see the movement of the heavens as our own. In this, astrology is me and I am astrology.

 As Krishnamurti has said many times, “please, don’t take my word for it.  Find out for yourself!” 






Author: Adriane Wilson; Founder of Integrative Astrology and Integrative Tools for Wellbeing 


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