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My name is Adriane Wilson, and I’m happy you’re here.  This website has a lot of valuable information about coming home to yourself and your life.  I’m going to be real with you, sometimes it seems easier to just stay asleep in our habitual world that feels safe than to look at the parts of us that need healing. It’s true, looking into the workings of our minds, emotions, and bodies can be challenging. But it’s very likely, since you’re here now, you are at a point in your life where you can welcome these exiled parts of yourself and become whole. 

The path to freedom, authenticity, and deep connection is inward.  One of the most powerful steps we can take toward that discovery is through aligning our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. 

I’ve had a lot of support on my journey from spiritual teachers, therapists, healing practitioners, integrative practices, and loved ones.  Here, I’m offering three valuable practices that can be frameworks and road maps, along with other support systems, on your journey.

Integrative Astrology is an independent study using deep mystical principles from the great masters and spiritual traditions, human development, and the 12 archetypes in astrology to help you recognize the patterns that are driving you, integrate your fragmented parts, and become whole.

Transparent Communication is a practice in awakening through relation.  It is through the mirror of the other that we see ourselves.

Conscious Healing for Parents is recognizing our conditioning and awakening through relation with our children.



Planetary Bodies

Minute Out of the Day You Were Born

Integrative Astrology

Integrative Astrology uses the archetypes to help us consciously integrate our unconscious patterns that developed with early wounding and yet are driving the bus of our lives.  This integration allows us to come back into our body and into alignment with our own light and fullness. (Read More)

Some key pointings used in Integrative Astrology:

– Presence is the key to integration.

– The process is not about “getting rid” of our fragmentation. It’s about inclusion of all parts of our being.

– Healing is a natural process and it also takes commitment and courage and the willingness to be with what is.

– The archetypes of astrology point to the core workings of our nature in all aspects of life.


Transparent Communication

Transparent Communication is about learning to be fully present and aware of the subtle information we often miss when we are relating with others.  We learn to attune to our inner world and our outer world.  We build a capacity to relate in which everyone feels deeply seen.  

I am a designated Practice Group Leader and Facilitator for the practice of Transparent Communication, awakening in the relational field. Thomas Hubl is a contemporary spiritual teacher and mystic and the creator of the relational practice, The Art of Transparent Communication.

To learn more about his work and Transparent Communication visit his website at or you can also access his work on YouTube. Click here to learn more about joining a practice group. 

Join One of Our Practice Groups

Practicing this work with others who are learning is highly beneficial.  Contact us for more information or to join a group online or in person!  

Conscious Healing for Parents

If we can integrate and heal our childhood trauma, conditioning, and wounding we are able to be present and tapped into our unencumbered awareness.  From this place we can know what it means to be awake in life and conscious. We all need support when doing inner work from therapists, healing practictioners, practices, groups, and coaches.  Conscious Healing for Parents utilizes the practices of Transparent Communication and Integrative Astrology which focus on aligning your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies over time through presencing and integration of fragmented parts which are recognized in your daily relation with the world. As a Conscious Healing for Parents Consultant and Coach, I am here to support you on your journey by really seeing and attuning to YOU, and being with you as a guide in learning to look within through contemplative practices.  Also, by helping you align with others in the therapeutic and group settings for an even larger support system.

The core principle around being a conscious parent is that you are  with your child interacting in the moment from the foundational place of presence and authenticity, allowing your words, actions, and guidance to flow from a place of wisdom verses past conditioning. We can meet our child in this place of consciousness and deep connection when we go within and create spacious awareness through contemplative practices and develop the ability to recognize and integrate with loving acceptance our behavior that is unconscious and originating from the past. This is where we want to learn to be with our children. This is the place where perceived chaos becomes the divine Isness, deep emotions become the healing process, and harsh words become authentic expression of Self.

How do I form a deeper connection with my child?

First, ask yourself if you are willing to at your own difficulties and triggers.  If you are, you will already be able to meet your child each day with more space to allow a deeper flow between you.  Second, when you’re willing to look within, Transparent Communication, Integrative Astrology, meditation, and self-inquiry are a great place to start getting to our own true nature. Then you’ll naturally connect on a deeper level with your child and everyone.


1. Initial Individual Astrology Session

During this initial hour and a half to two hour long session we will discuss any questions you have, how these relate to the soul's evolutionary patterns in your chart, the growth trajectories for this life based on the lunar nodes, and your essential needs and how these affect your relationships.  You will receive a packet with your natal chart, a list of key points, and a recording of our session. All sessions have a coaching component to them in which we work together to recognize challenges you may be having and strategies to help you begin processing the information that becomes available for you.  All appointments are available via online, phone, or in person  session. Fee - $90 or customized payment option

2. Initial Conscious Healing for Parents Session

This introductory session will be 1 - 1 and 1/2 hours about you helping me to see and feel where on our journey to begin.  We'll discuss your dynamics with your child and the dynamics of the family system.  Then we'll begin learning to presence and feel  the body.  We'll also learn the basic components of  Transparent Communication and ways you can begin to practice.  You will receive a recording of our session. All appoints are available via online, phone, or in person  session. Initial sessions are for parents only.  Recurrent sessions may include the parent and child if desired.  If you'd like to incorporate the Integrative Astrology, we will begin that with the second session.  Or if you want only the astrology reading for you and your child, see the description for Individual Astrology Session above.   Fee - $90 or customized payment option

3. Recurrent Sessions/Transparent Communication Coaching

During  hour long follow up sessions we will  continue the work from previous sessions or address anything new that may be coming up for you.   

Transparent Communication coaching is available for individuals with a prerequisite of either taking The Art of Transparent Communication Course by Thomas Hubl or being an active member of a Transparent Communication practice group. Fee - $70 or customized payment option


*I am a consultant and coach, not a licensed therapist.  I encourage therapy and healing practices for everyone engaged in inner work. My services are a supportive tool not a substitute for therapy.  If you suffer from severe mental illness, or I feel you would benefit from more than a coach, I may refer you to licensed practioner. As a client, you are responsible for your choices at the time of booking and appointment. 

*I am a certified Thomas Hubl Transparent Communication Practice Group Leader and a student of Thomas.  I am not employed by or a part of the Thomas Hubl Team, The Academy of Inner Science, or The Pocket Project.

*I do not practice predictive astrology for ethical reasons in dealing with children.  We will work with current transits and progressions. 

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 The Archetypes of Astrology and You

The 12 Archetypes


Everyone has all 12 archetypes of the natural zodiac in our charts.  We are so much more than just our Sun signs!  But each of us will have some dominant players.  Read each archetype for yourself and I bet you’ll recognize you and your child’s major influencers without even looking at their chart!  I encourage you to dive in and investigate the patterns that make you both tick.  If you’d like to see these archetypes at work in your chart, book a session and I promise, you’ll understand so much more about the operating system that’s driving you!


Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are the archetypes in our development in which we are born into the world and begin to explore, the resources and values we determine we need to survive, and the labels and meaning we assign everything so we can communicate with others.

Cancer, Leo, and Virgo archetypes are the formation of our self-identity, self-expression, and self-analysis.  This is where your child becomes their own unique human being who expresses their knowledge, desires, and talents.  We become emotionally aware and also aware of our shortcomings. We feel, we love, and we want to be noticed. And if we are not validated we begin to self-improve.

Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are the archetypes of relationship to others, to our deeper psychological self, and to the cosmos.  Here we begin to see ourselves are a part of a much larger whole.  We learn to give and take and maintain relationships to people, work, and our environment.  We begin to look deeper into the workings of our mind.  And this opens us up to the greater workings of the universe.

Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are about our place in this experience as a whole. Capricorn is our responsibility and role in the structure of life.  Aquarius is how our uniqueness contributes to the whole. And Pisces is finding the ultimate meaning of it all.