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Conscious Parent Coach and Evolutionary Astrologer
Find Your Evolutionary Path

Who Are You?

The path to freedom and deep connection is inward.  Do you ever feel as a parent, a partner, a professional, and a person a sense of disconnection? Every one of us do until you discover your own true nature.  One of the most powerful steps you can take toward that discovery is through looking into the depths of your story.  I find Evolutionary Astrology to be a streamlined tool that points us as efficiently as a map toward the specific areas of evolution we have come to grow through in this life. Wouldn’t it also be amazingly helpful to know the areas of growth your child or partner are working on as well? I can tell you from working with my own children’s charts, it’s like finally having a playbook!

Evolutionary Astrology

Astrology has been used for thousands of years as a guide for life.  But very few ever tap into the deeper core pointings of their own human development and psychology.  Evolutionary Astrology guides you to the depths of your psyche and illuminates the natural growth patterns we’ve come here to experience.

Some key pointings used in Evolutionary Astrology:

– the Soul’s core evolutionary desire

– past gifts and challenges that have brought us to where we are now

– our most prominent growth trajectories in this life




Planetary Bodies

Minute Out of the Day You Were Born

What is Conscious Parenting?

If you were to set aside your past conditioning and beliefs about how the future should look, and met your child free from ideas about how you should behave as a parent based on your parents…this would be a foundational place to begin conscious parenting.  You would be present and tapped into your awareness. There is no set method or technique.  There is no right mood or feeling. The core principle around being a conscious parent is that you are  with your child interacting in the moment from the foundational place of pure beingness and authenticity allowing your words, actions, and guidance to flow from a place of wisdom that spontaneously arises without resistance or effort.  Anyone can meet their child in this place of pure consciousness and deep connection when they go within and recognize their conditioning. This is the place where chaos becomes the divine Isness, deep emotions become the healing process, and harsh words become authentic expression of Self.

How do I form a deeper connection with my child?


First, you have to be open to looking at your own stuff.  Not only will this bring you freedom from suffering, but it will allow you to meet your child each day with out projecting things on to them that are simply not true.  Second, when you’re willing to look within, Evolutionary astrology, meditation, and self-inquiry are the most efficient ways I’ve found over the years of getting to my own true nature. Then you’ll naturally connect on a deeper level with your child and everyone.

How Can a Chart Deepen My Connection With My Child?


Great minds such as Carl Jung, Ptolemy, Rudhyar, and Nostradamus have used astrology in their contemplations of human existence.  Today, experienced therapists have followed in Jung’s footsteps and use the natal chart to look for unconscious and conscious patterns that their clients struggle with throughout their lives.  In my coaching practice, I use the birth chart as a guide to help individuals see their patterns from the past, growth trajectories, and essential needs so they can move forward with more guidance and awareness. Learning about your child’s birth chart is like having exposure to the blueprints on how they operate.

Working with parents and their children is a great honor that I take very seriously.  I don’t believe in trying to use predictive astrology with a child’s chart.  But I do know from experience with my own children’s charts that the depth of understanding that can come from looking into their placements and correlating that with what is happening now or patterns from the past is invaluable and has the potential to heal lifetimes of trauma not only for themselves but also for the parent.


1. Initial Individual Session

During this initial hour and a half long session we will discuss the soul’s evolutionary patterns in your chart, the growth trajectories for this life based on the lunar nodes, and your essential needs and how these affect your relationships.  You will receive a packet with your natal chart, a list of key points, your current transits, and a recording of our session. All sessions have a coaching component to them in which we work together to recognize and overcome any challenges you may be having and strategies to move forward.  All appointments are available via online, phone, or in person  session. Fee – $155

2. Initial Parent/Child Session

During this initial hour and a half long session we will look at you and your child’s soul evolutionary patterns, growth trajectories for this life, based on the lunar nodes, and your essential needs and how these affect your relationship.  We will discuss your temperaments, challenges you may be having with your daily interactions, connection, and communication.  We will work together to develop strategies for moving forward in these areas and creating meaningful connection.  You will receive a packet with your natal charts, a list of key points, your current transits, and a recording of our session. All appoints are available via online, phone, or in person  session. Initial sessions are for parents only.  Recurrent sessions may include the parent and child if desired. Fee – $165

3. Recurrent Sessions

During this hour long follow up session we will use the chart as a guide and continue the work from previous sessions or address anything new that may be coming up for you. If it has been longer that six months since your last session, we will do an initial reading again with the applicable fee. Fee – $125.

* I do not practice predictive astrology for ethical reasons in dealing with children.  We will work with current transits and progressions.

Autism Research

I’m doing astrological research on the autism spectrum and I need your help! I need charts for parents and children.  If you’d like to participate I am offering a complimentary 20 minute reading via Skype or Zoom!  Just fill in the contact info below and I’ll send you a short questionairre and schedule your reading! I’m very excited to learn if there are any patterns in your charts that prove significant to autism!! We’ll talk soon. 🙂

My Projects

If you have been diagnosed with autism or have a child on the autism spectrum and would like to participate in this research, I’d love to offer you a complimentary 20 minute reading! Just click below to sign up!

Understanding Autism

  • 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. 
  • About 1 percent of the world’s population has autism. 
  • Could it be part of our species’ evolution?
  • How do we best integrate the gifts and the challenges that people with autism come in with?

My Upcoming Classes

Classes are available via Zoom.  Sign up below.

January 19, 1-2 pm cst

Intro to Conscious Parenting

February 9, 1-2 pm cst

The Zodiac as a Guide to Your Evolving Self

March 9, 1-2 pm cst

 The Archetypes of Astrology and You

The 12 Archetypes


Everyone has all 12 archetypes of the natural zodiac in our charts.  We are so much more than just our Sun signs!  But each of us will have some dominant players.  Read each archetype for yourself and I bet you’ll recognize you and your child’s major influencers without even looking at their chart!  I encourage you to dive in and investigate the patterns that make you both tick.  If you’d like to see these archetypes at work in your chart, book a session and I promise, you’ll understand so much more about the operating system that’s driving you!


Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are the archetypes in our development in which we are born into the world and begin to explore, the resources and values we determine we need to survive, and the labels and meaning we assign everything so we can communicate with others.

Cancer, Leo, and Virgo archetypes are the formation of our self-identity, self-expression, and self-analysis.  This is where your child becomes their own unique human being who expresses their knowledge, desires, and talents.  We become emotionally aware and also aware of our shortcomings. We feel, we love, and we want to be noticed. And if we are not validated we begin to self-improve.

Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are the archetypes of relationship to others, to our deeper psychological self, and to the cosmos.  Here we begin to see ourselves are a part of a much larger whole.  We learn to give and take and maintain relationships to people, work, and our environment.  We begin to look deeper into the workings of our mind.  And this opens us up to the greater workings of the universe.

Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are about our place in this experience as a whole. Capricorn is our responsibility and role in the structure of life.  Aquarius is how our uniqueness contributes to the whole. And Pisces is finding the ultimate meaning of it all.